YouTube as a Full-Time Career in 2020: Pros & Cons

YouTube as a Full-Time Career in 2020: Pros & Cons

YouTube is one of the most active websites on the internet today. It is the source of entertainment, that contains, movies, songs, DIY, and many more. It will take time, energy as well as money but the return will be vast. It is worth working. But not every channel has a billion views. There are some pros and cons too. Here are the pros and cons of starting a YouTube channel today.

1.Helps to Follow Passion

It helps you to follow your passion because to create a YouTube channel, you don’t need any degree or you don’t have any age restriction. It does not have so much expense. And if you will follow your passion, you will feel satisfactory and in the same way, you can earn by making your video viral.

2.No Degree is Needed

You need no degree to start your youtube channel. you just need to get started with your phone or if you want to look more professional get a DSLR and some other YouTube equipment.

3.No Age Restriction

No age restriction is there to start your own YouTube channel. Officially, the age allowed by YouTube to open an account is 13 years and it is the correct age too to start a YouTube channel.

4.No Need for Physical Office

If you want to start your YouTube channel then no worries you can start anywhere, anytime, without any restriction. You can start it in your bedroom or kitchen with just some shooting equipment and interesting scripts. You don’t need any physical office to start to make videos.

5. No Pressure

You will have no pressure on yourself as you are your own boss. You don’t need any paperwork. You just need to get started with your script anytime anywhere. As long as you make good content that will increase your audience, you won’t face any pressure.

6. You can Make Money

You can make money through YouTube by many methods like Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, etc. You just need to make good content and increase your views and subscribers.

7. Popularism

You can get popular through YouTube. You just need to create trending content that will attract viewers and increase your subscribers and can get easily popular.

1.Expenses for Producing Fine Contents

If you are creating a YouTube channel then, of course, you have to expenses and it may cost high or very high. Some basic things you need are, of course, an android or iPhone or if you want to make it professional you need a DSLR and some more equipment.


Pressure in the sense means, for making YouTube video you don’t have the pressure of your boss. You are your own boss but to make the video you need lots of time, you have to work hard and you will also be stressed which will create pressure.

3. It Takes Time

On YouTube over 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute and over 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube. So it’s really very important to be among the 5 billion videos. so all you have to do is to have patience because it may take time to gain view and subscriber.

4. Ideas Can get Copied

Starting a YouTube channel is easy. But if what will happen if your idea or your content gets copied and get more views, likes, and subscribers than your uploaded video.

5.Haters and Trolling

Millions of haters can comment and troll but all you need is to continue working and make yourself better. you need to keep patience and ignore the haters’ comments.

6. Account Can be Deleted

You can face copyright strike, community strike, or if you mistakenly break the rule of YouTube your channel can also be deleted.

7.Decreasing Views

There is no guarantee that anyone will see your video. There are many videos on YouTube that have more than 600 million views on YouTube. But some do not have 50 views. If you have started YouTube channel it does not mean that it will grow very soon. It will take time. you need to draw the attention of the viewers.

YouTube is a platform where one day you will surely rise up but it is up to you that in which speed you will rise. If you work hard, make good content then surely you will become a YouTube star.

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